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Rihanna has certainly earned the right to set the rules at this point in her career. She is one of the most successful female solo artists in history, with as many No. 1 singles to her name as Michael Jackson. She’s also been one of pop’s most influential figures, helping usher electronic dance music (EDM) into the mainstream and boosting the careers of another class of pop stars with her leftovers—Rihanna had first pass at Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love” and Miley Cyrus’ hip-hop coming-out party, “We Can’t Stop.” If you wanted to be a pop star in the past few years, sounding like Rihanna was evidently your best bet, even if it was hard to keep up with Rihanna’s mercurial mix of dance music, hip-hop and Caribbean-inspired pop.

"." is believed to be Robert Roche, a well-known Native American who has taken up the cause of trying to get the Cleveland Indians to stop using the Chief Wahoo logo. Roche has not been criminally charged, though columnist Mark Naymik has reported he is under investigation .

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