Wilderness medicine - demo

The 24-hour Wilderness First Aid for Field Services course provides first aid for industrial, technical, and field support staff in remote areas. Although the fundamental medical portion of this course is similar to those in a WMA International Wilderness First Aid course, the applied context is different.

Wilderness medicine is the practice of medicine in remote places where outside rescue might not be available and professional medical support, back up and facilities (doctors and hospitals) may be hours, if not days away and it is necessary to be able to go beyond first aid training.  There are many skills in this field that also are useful in humanitarian work, disaster relief, foreign clinic work and other such situations, and there are many parallels between expedition and military medicine. Whether a lay-person trained by WMT is taking on the role of “medic” or if a doctor or nurse is on the team, the following points must be born in mind:

Wilderness Medicine - DemoWilderness Medicine - DemoWilderness Medicine - DemoWilderness Medicine - Demo


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