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Normal communication to IEC 870-5-104 devices requires use of the Simulate Master function. Except for the TESTFR message, Send Once or Send Continuously will not work Simulate Master, all exchanges to be transmitted must be configured prior to starting the simulation session. In the simplest case, successful communication to a Controlled Station can be established by sending only STARTDT ACT . This message allows the Controlled Station to transmit point information according to logic configured in the , the Interrogation exchange would also be enabled. This instructs the Controlled Station to send initial data for all points. Enabling both the STARTDT ACT and Interrogation exchanges to be sent once at startup obtains all initial data from the Controlled Device and enables it for transmission of point other exchanges need to be enabled. The ASE2000 automatically transmits housekeeping messages required to keep the link open and active.

The Old English (OE) period can be regarded as starting around AD 450, with the arrival of West Germanic settlers (Angles, Saxons and Jutes) in southern Britain. They brought with them dialects closely related to the continental language varieties which would produce modern German, Dutch and Frisian.

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